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Yakar Jerusalem

High holiday services will be held outside the synagogue. 

We are trying to add places, but cannot guarantee how many there will be. 

Those seats that there are will be reserved for members. 
Membership can be arranged here.

 Judaism that is passionate, nuanced and inspiring

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Who We Are

Yakar Jerusalem seeks to create a sacred space for Jews from all backgrounds and denominations to engage in Judaism with honesty and integrity, in all of its depth and complexity.


At Yakar we come together for deep learning, intimate Tefillah, enriching lectures, and social responsibility.


We believe that true Jewish learning must extend beyond the walls of the Beit Midrash, and be rooted in the complex social and religious realities in Israel.



Kabbalat Shabbat

15 minutes after candle lighting, join us for a lively Friday night Tefillah, a fusion of Chassidic niggunim and contemporary music.

Advanced Women's Learning

An opportunity for women to explore Talmudic texts with real-life applications.

Weekly Shiurim

Yakar offers a plethora of classes, lecture series and workshops - - in search of spiritual vitality and intellectual integrity.

Polish Leadership Program

An annual summer learning program for educators, community leaders, and other leaders of the Jewish community in Poland.

Building on the ancient tradition where the Beit Midrash was a place where individuals came to explore deep questions of life and purpose, at Yakar Jerusalem every person is invited to seek the divine in their own unique way





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